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Are Solar Systems a Success in Pakistan?

This is the most commonly asked question we get asked almost everyday. There is indeed a lot of skepticism in the minds of the consumers due to lack of knowledge on part of players who are in the market to make a quick buck and run. Such companies and individuals have not been able to deliver up to the expectations of the customers and thus the concerns.


Solar systems require careful planning to cater to the different needs of each individual, organization or Institution. If planned carefully solar systems are supposed to last more than 25 years with trouble free operation.

Do I need to change the wiring of my home office or factory to accomodate a solar system?

The answer is No! A correctly and professionally designed solar system does not require anyone to change their existing wiring but is connected to the already installed cables.


If there are special requirements to distribute the loads then alternate wiring plans can be designed and installed. In most cases there will be no requirement of changing the exisiting laid cables and wires.

Solar Systems Cost a lot of money, is it worth the investment?

Solar systems' prices have fallen by almost 50% in the last three years, needless to say, there still is an investment that is needed to setup a solar system. With the rising cost of energy and fuel the packback on the investment has sharply declined.


A typical Grid Connected system has a payabck of just under 4.0 Years, which is an ROI of 25%. Good Quality products and proper system design ensure that the system would last for decades and thereby allowing the consumers to enjoy clean and eventually FREE energy for years to come.

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