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We have put together a few questions to help you through the purchasing process.




Why invest in a solar panel installation?

Installing solar panels enables you to generate your own clean, green electricity directly from the sun. This not only reduces electricity bills but also CO2 emissions and greenhouse gases. The financial advantages of a solar installation are also enhanced in many markets by local incentives, e.g.:

  • Investment subsidies/tax credits (the authorities refund part of the cost of installing the system)

  • Feed-in tariffs (feed-in tariffs work by guaranteeing a long-term premium payment for electricity generated from renewable sources and fed into the grid).

  • Net metering (the electricity utility buys PV electricity from the producer under a multiyear contract)

  • A typical Grid connected system pays for itself in under 4 years.



Who buys solar panels?


Pakistan as a country has serious energy shortage but is blessed with the one of the highest solar irradiation in the world. Solar panel installations are most commonly used as a source of energy in regions with high irradiation levels . A solar system is a financially sound investment which would yield high savings. Important customer segments include residential, commercial and Industrial.



Which important product features should I look for when selecting a solar panel?


The purchase of a solar panel installation is a significant long-term investment. The single most important factor to look for is QUALITY. The solar installation will be on a roof-top or on the ground producing electricity for 30 years or more, and all the components selected in the solar system must be durable, robust and of high quality.

Over the last few years there has been a significant increase in the number of solar panel manufacturers in the market, and thus the quality of the panels varies. It is important to make sure that the product you buy is from a high-quality manufacturer and has the guarantees and certificates. A standard module should carry a 25-year power output warranty and certificates such as TÜV or CEC / CSI. 


THe panels we use are of the best quality in the world and we do not compromise on this.



How do I install solar panels?


We have experienced staff trained on solar systems. We will assess your facility, based on available surface area on the roof or ground, electric bills and solar incentives. With this information we will develop a preliminary offer. This will be followed by a detailed offer that, if accepted, will lead to the installation of your new photovoltaic system.



What Features should I look for in an Inverter and accessories?


If the solar panels are the heart of the solar system the inverters are the brains behind it. Selecting the correct inverter that matches the solar panels is of utmost importance in a solar system, as this is the device that will produce the usable AV current from the DC current produced by the Solar Panels. Choosing the right inverter is the key to a good performace and an average performace of a solar system.


There are many companies now offering cheaper or low quality inverters which seem to work well when they are connected but remember that investment in a solar system is a long term one and thus making sure that the products that go to complete the system are of the highest quality is the main factor that would give customers the peace of mind they are looking for and get the ROI they expect.

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